Palette Writers' Club Entry - 1

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My girlfriend Marcella runs several local and remote writing groups. I want to become a better writer so I joined the one she runs through the Palette Cafe on Saturday mornings. It's a fun, non-judgemental group and she always comes up with original challenges anyone can enjoy regardless of your writing experience.

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Writer's club always starts with a one minute challenge. Really it always starts with friendly banter, then a one minute challenge. This one was "write down as many nicknames as you can think of". Thievery is always encouraged as a means of inspiration. Sharing this burst of poorly caffeinated brain jog is always smile-inducing moment and theft feels like a badge of honor we bestow on each other.

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The gang is all here, ready for the heist. The fridge is in sight but mom isn't. "That's a problem" states "Tiny" Tim. He's the brain of this leftover birthday cake retrieval operation. This is not his first rodeo. You might have heard of last weekend's great cookie thievery, and yes, that has his fingerprints all over it.

Speaking of prints, running point on the ground today is "Sticky" Sam Jackson. A graduate of "Feed Yourself Things Mom Didn't Give U", he's a sleight of hand master even if that means the prize remains stuck to his hand sometimes... Recon for mom is Fiona "4 Eyes" Wadsworth task this morning. She's 3 and she can cover more ground than anyone else on the squad with those zippy little legs.

Mom has been spotted, time to roll. "Love Bug" Billy runs right into the somewhat unexpected door sprung open by Fiona a couple of rooms away from the kitchen. Mom comes running. "Tiny" slaps "Sticky" on the back of the head: showtime!

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After 15 minutes pencils are put down. Handwriting is encouraged but not required as is sharing your work. I am always amazed at how different our pieces are in their diversity and creativity. It really reflects the nature of this group well. Some of us are light-hearted, some are experienced writers, some prolific, and some shy. All of it is ok and witnessing the different directions a concept is taken in is a joy to behold. I am already looking forward to the next one.