Palette Writers' Club Entry - 2

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On Saturday August 15th 2020, at the Palette Cafe, Marcella picked the topic of "change" and took us through a 1-minute brainstorm. Some of us went along the line of "changing our lives", others took it literally straight to words like "coins". In any case, thievery ensued as well as a free format 15 minutes exercise on the topic. I decided to give the nonet format a try, inspired by some of my fellow club members' past entries. Come to find out I should have looked up the definition of the format first, as I counted words, not syllables... Oh well.

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The birth of a new day is underway. The revolution is yours to lead. Be selfish. How do you want to blossom? Will You grow on yesterday's progressor recycle your energy into a new you? For today is as unique as you are.